New Life

A comedy about two friends, a waiter and a cook, who get the sack from their jobs. They then decide to take a trip to a small fishing community on the Westman Islands to gain fast money in the fisheries and start a New Life. They fail to impress the factory foreman with their skill, but things start flourishing when he is led to believe that they are not common workers, but "spies" from the Ministry of Fisheries.

About the film

  • Type: Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date: September 4, 1983
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Length: 87 min.
  • Language: Icelandic
  • Original Title: Nýtt líf
  • International Title: New Life
  • Production Year: 1983
  • Production Countries: Iceland
  • IMDB: New Life
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant: Yes
  • Production Format: 35mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
  • Color: Yes
  • Sound: Dolby Stereo



Company Credits


  • Sena, 2007 - DVD
  • Sena, 2005 - DVD
  • Nýtt Líf ehf., 1994 - VHS

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