Hotel Earth
Hotel Earth

Hotel Earth

Three children take their grandfather to the graveyard to visit their dead grandmother. When they find out that granddad is tired of living and is actually waiting to die the children get confused, especially the youngest one. Granddad has to find a way to explain to her that death is not the worst thing in the world, which starts a chain of bizarre events. This becomes a learning full experience for the youngest one, even though it leads to a tragic ending.

About the film

  • Type: Short Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Length: 10 min.
  • Original Title: Hótel jörð
  • International Title: Hotel Earth
  • Production Year: 2008
  • IMDB: Hotel Earth
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant: Yes
  • Color: Yes



Company Credits


  • Miyukino Snowtheater International Short Film Festival, 2014
  • International Filmfest Emden-Norderney, 2011
  • Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, 2009

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