Benjamin Dove
Benjamin Dove

Benjamin Dove

Four boys form an Order of Knights to fight injustice in their part of town. They are pure at heart, and so their mission is just one. Imagination and the adventure become reality when the joys of innocence meet with real life tragedy.


Benjamin Dove is a nostalgic film, a tale of modern knights, dreams and reality, life and death. It takes place in late summer and early autumn in a small neighbourhood of the kind found in any town or village in the world. Four 10-12 year old boys form an Order of Knights to fight injustice in their immediate surroundings. They are pure of heart so their mission is a just one - almost holy. In their carefree world their dreams and fantasies become reality.

But the boys' fantasies collapse into harsh reality when their friendship breaks up and one of them leaves the Order. In his misery, envy and vengefulness he forms a rival gang to fight his former friends, and things get out of hand. Petty squabbles turn to hatred and children's games to war.

Benjamin Dove is a film about growing up, the universal tale of events which destroy childhood innocence in one blow, leaving nothing behind. It is a mythical tale of the creation and loss of a private world. Like many myths, it ends in tragedy, but not without hope, because true friendship never dies. It lives in your memory and colors each day of your existence.

About the film

  • Type: Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date: November 9, 1995, Stjörnubíó
  • Genre: Family, Drama
  • Length: 91 min.
  • Language: Icelandic
  • Original Title: Benjamín dúfa
  • International Title: Benjamin Dove
  • Production Year: 1995
  • Production Countries: Iceland, Sweden, Germany
  • IMDB: Benjamin Dove
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant: Yes
  • Based on a : Novel
  • Production Format: 35mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Color: Yes
  • Sound: Dolby Stereo SR
  • Screening format and subtitles: Betacam SP with English sub.



Company Credits


  • Tokyo Northern Lights Festival, 2014
  • Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, Canada, 1998
  • Montréal International Children's Film Festival (FIFEM), Canada, 1998
  • Amman, Jordan, 1998
  • Singapore International Film Festival, 1998
  • Palm Spring International Film Festival, USA, 1997
  • International Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 1997
  • Nordic. Child., Latvia, 1997
  • Nordic Film Festival, Japan, 1997
  • Film-Fest, Vaduz, Lichtenstein, 1997
  • International Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1997
  • Chicago International Children Film Festival, USA, 1997
  • Cinemagic, Northern Ireland, 1997 - Award: 1. prize as best picture
  • Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Greece, 1997
  • Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck, Germany, 1996
  • Ourense Film Festival, Spain, 1996 - Award: The audience prize as best film.
  • Film Festival Ragazzi Bellinzona, Switzerland, 1996 - Award: Awarded the 2. prize as best picture, "II Castello d'argento"
  • Nordic Children's Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1996
  • 2. Childrens Film Festival in Marl, Germany, 1996 - Award: 1. prize as best picture from the childrens jury and special mention (Lobenden Erwähnung) from the grown-up jury
  • Oulu International Children's Film Festival, Finland, 1996
  • Gothenburg, Sweden (Screening out of competition), 1996
  • Official Selection Children's Film Fest, Berlin, Germany, 1996
  • BUFF, Malmö, Sweden - Opening Film, 1996
  • Ale Kino, Poznan, Poland, 1996 - Award: Special Mention, Marcinek, for director Gísli Snær Erlingsson
  • Minneapolis, USA, 1996
  • Varna, Bulgaria, 1996 - Award: Grand prix of the International jury. Award of the Children Jury.
  • Prague, Czech Republic (Screening out of competition), 1996
  • Harstad, Norway, 1996
  • Giffoni, Italy, 1996 - Award: Two prizes from the city of Salerno, one for best film and one for good acting.
  • Haugasund, Norway, 1996 - Award: New Nordic Films & Amanda Nomination.
  • Riga, Latvia, 1996
  • Umeå, Sweden, 1996
  • Carrousel Rimouski, Canada, 1996 - Award: Nomination for Best Actor (Sigfús Sturluson)
  • Mill Valley, USA, 1996
  • International Film & Videofestival for Children & Youth, Kernan, Iran, 1996 - Award: Awarded the "Golden Butterfly" for best film.
  • Cork, Rep. of Ireland, 1996
  • MIFED, Italy (Beta Taurus), 1996


  • Sena, 2008 - DVD
  • Námsgagnastofnun, 1997 - VHS
  • Baldur kvikmyndagerð, 1997 - VHS

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