Country Wedding
Country Wedding

Country Wedding

Country Wedding is a touching and funny road movie revolving around two busloads of Icelanders attending a wedding in a small church in the countryside. The bride and groom, along with their guests, begin their journey in Reykjavik, heading for a small church an hour’s drive away, where the wedding will take place. But only the groom knows where the church is, and the directions he got from the priest were not so simple after all.


Ingibjorg, the bride, and Bardi, the groom, have decided to get married after living together for three years. The ceremony is to be held in a small church, an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. Ingibjorg wants to keep to the tradition of not letting the groom see the bride dressed in white until at the ceremony. Therefore, Ingibjorg, Bardi and the guests – family and close friends and not so close unwelcome friends, drive off in two buses with champagne and a wedding cake. No one knows exactly where this country church is located except for Bardi, who got the direction from the priest over the phone. It had sounded rather straight forward that is straight ahead, down the road leaving out some turns. However, Bardi is claustrophobic and the convoy cannot take the normal route through the tunnel under the Whale fjord. After driving for hundreds of miles around the fjord they are running out of time and decide to take a short cut. After some further driving they discover that they are lost.

About the film

  • Type: Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date: August 28, 2008
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Length: 95 min.
  • Language: Icelandic
  • Original Title: Sveitabrúðkaup
  • International Title: Country Wedding
  • Production Year: 2008
  • Production Countries: Iceland, England
  • IMDB: Country Wedding
  • Website:
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant: Yes
  • Production Format: HDV
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Color: Yes
  • Sound: Dolby
  • Screening format and subtitles: 35mm film with English sub. - DigiBeta with English sub.



Company Credits


  • Göteborg International Film Festival, 2014
  • Images from the Edge: Classic and Contempory Films from Iceland, Lincoln Center, New York, 2012
  • Urania, Nordic Film Festival in Vienna, 2011
  • Off Plus Camera, Poland, 2010
  • Taste of Iceland, 2010
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2009
  • Scandinavian Film Festival, USA, 2009
  • Berlin International Film Festival/Market, 2009
  • Istanbul Independent Film Festival, 2009
  • Adelaide Film Festival, 2009
  • Sofia International Film Festival, 2009
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2009
  • Febiofest, Czech Republic, 2009
  • CPH PIX 2009, Denmark, 2009
  • Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2009
  • Verona Film Festival, 2009
  • David Film, Mexico, 2009
  • Scandinavian House, USA, 2009
  • Transylvania International Film Festival, 2009
  • Munich International Film Festival, 2009
  • Brussels Film Festival, Brussel,, 2009
  • Stony Brook Film Festival, USA, 2009
  • Espoo Cine International Film Festival, 2009
  • Riga Nordic Film Days, 2009
  • Scanorama, Lithuania, 2009
  • European Film Festival, Spain, 2009
  • Noordelijk Film Festival, 2009
  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2008
  • Pusan International Film Festival, 2008
  • Festival International du Film de Marrakech, 2008 - Award: Nominated for the Golden Star
  • Göteborg International Film Festival, 2008
  • International Film Festival Abu Dhabi, 2008
  • London BFI Film Festival, 2008
  • Antalya International Film Festival, 2008
  • Chicago International Film Festival, 2008
  • American Film Market, USA, 2008
  • Edduverðlaunin / Edda Awards, 2008 - Award: Nominated for Feature Film of the Year. Nominated for Actress of the Year in a Leading Role (Hanna María Karlsdóttir). Nominated for Editing of the Year (Valdís Óskarsdóttir). Nominated for Film Score of the Year (The Tiger Lillies).


  • Samfilm, 2009 - DVD

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