Eyþór Jóvinsson


    Also known as: Eythór Jóvinsson, Eythor Jovinsson
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Eyþór Jóvinsson was born in Flateyri in 1985. Flateyri is a small fishing village in the Westfjords of Iceland (population 200). Since Eyþór was 10 years old, he has been working in the fishing industry in Iceland, both offshore and on.

In 2007 Eyþór attended Iceland Academy of the Arts studying architecture, obtaining his Bachelor's degree in 2010. Now Eyþór owns a small shop and publication company in Iceland and makes films as a hobby alongside other work.

Eyþór Jóvinsson has published three books and produced four short films. He is currently working on new book and a few documentary projects as well as having a few shorts scripted and waiting to be filmed. Sker is his debut in film making as a writer and director.