Northern Tales

Three separate stories of children's adventures from three countries in the North Atlantic area. From Greenland, a story based on the traditional legend of the Mother of the Sea, a powerful spirit who controls the ocean creatures. A brother and sister from Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, head to one of the smaller islands to spend their summer holiday with their grandmother. Growing up on a typical horse farm in Iceland the young boy Siggi develops an extraordinary friendship with a wild foal. When the horse is to be sold, Siggi opens the fence and the foal runs away. In the middle of nowhere the foal manages to save Siggi's life - and alters both of their futures.

About the film

  • Type
    Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date
    April 1, 1992
  • Genre
  • Length
    90 min.
  • Original Title
    Ævintýri á Norðurslóðum
  • International Title
    Northern Tales
  • Production Year
  • IMDB
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
  • Production Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Color
  • Sound
    Dolby Stereo
  • Screening format and subtitles
    SP Betacam

Company Credits

Television distribution

  • Iceland
    RÚV, 1992
  • Iceland
    RÚV, 1993
  • Iceland
    RÚV, 1994