Wonders of Water

Water is one of the most amazing substances on earth. It contradicts almost all of the rules of physics and chemistry. For instance, it has the unique characteristic of expanding and growing lighter when it becomes solid. All other substances grow heavier upon turning solid and contract as the temperature decreases. This is what causes ice to float on top of water, instead of collecting on the bottom, which makes all the difference for aquatic life and in fact for all life on earth. In addition, water has the highest specific heat of any substance, which makes it a superb heat reservoir and heat equaliser. Without water, the earth would be a desert because of fluctuations in heat.

Nowhere in the world is there access to study the varied behaviour of water like in Iceland. The tremendous open North Atlantic, numerous lakes, roaring waterfalls, clear rivers and muddy glacier rivers, which flood large areas when frequent eruptions occur under the glaciers. Vatnajökull is the biggest glacier in Europe with numerous icecaves. Geothermal areas, hot mudpools and geysers. This has encouraged us to concentrate on Iceland in a film about this remarkable element.

About the film

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  • National Premiere Date
    February 17, 2009, Háskólabíó
  • Length
    52 min.
  • Language
  • Original Title
    Undur vatnsins
  • International Title
    Wonders of Water
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  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
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Company Credits


  • 2009
    Japan Wildlife Film Festival - Award: Encouragement Award.
  • 2009