Oleg, a special emissary has arrived at transmission central in Iceland to do the semi-centennial report on the efficiency of the Circledrawer system. He introduces himself to the team and begins his analysis of these poor creatures were once human but, due to unproductive or lackluster lives, have been reborn as angels. They are condemned to complete a near impossible list of 1571 tasks in the hope of being reborn as human once more. But the report is not Oleg's only task in Iceland, as Lewis, a young man in New York, is about to find out. Accidentally undetected by the system for twenty years, he was born and raised human. But now his human life will be erased and his life as a Circledrawer begins.
As Oleg continues his report in Iceland, Lewis is placed in the care of two seasoned Circledrawers, Marcus and Moses, who introduce him to their strange limbo reality, including: the women who govern it (including Sharon Angela of the "Sopranos"), the attention-starved Human Protector (Steve Schirripa of the "Sopranos") who assists in transitioning, and the wonders of batteries, flashlights, and prostitute nights. But can Lewis really leave his former human life behind? And is there something Oleg isn't sharing about his mission to Iceland and the true identity and calling of Lewis? Welcome to the clumsy, humorous, pathetic bureaucrats of the after- and before-life.

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    TV Fiction
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    25 min.
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  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant

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