A Reykjavík Porno

A REYKJAVIK PORNO is a Nordic-noir, Icelandic-Scottish feature.
A curious student, disturbed by his encounters with online pornography,
sets out on an ill-conceived search for revenge in the
icy darkness of Iceland’s capital.

Three days in the permanent winter darkness of Reykjavik, the
freezing city provides a backdrop for a story of revenge.
Ingvar, a country-boy living in the capital to study, lodges with
an alcoholic landlady, Laufey. Ingvar slyly manipulates Laufey
making her obsessive, ill and agoraphobic. His new life becomes
shrouded in deceit and dirty secrets as he becomes increasingly
transfixed a new ‘parent-porn’ website that a local teenager has

Ingvar becomes fixated when Ada shows him a ‘parent porn’ web
site where a local teen has hacked his mum’s webcam and been
secretly filming her having a string of one night stands. He recognises
the place where the original parent porn was filmed leading
him to its teenage maker, a path ripe with danger, regrets
and dirty secrets. Ingvar’s l i fe is changed forever. . .

About the film

  • Type
    Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date
    January 12, 2017, Bíó Paradís
  • International Premiere Date
    June 22, 2016, Edinburgh International Festival
  • Genre
    Thriller, Drama
  • Length
    82 min.
  • Language
    English, Icelandic
  • Original Title
    A Reykjavík Porno
  • International Title
    A Reykjavík Porno
  • Production Year
  • Production Countries
    Iceland, United Kingdom, Scotland
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  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
  • Production Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Color
  • Screening format and subtitles

Company Credits


  • 2016
    Film Fest Gent
  • 2016
    Edinburgh International Festival