Trend Beacons

An in-depth look at the hidden world of Trend forecasting, explaining how Trend Forecasters forecast two years into the future. The Trend Beacons explain what makes trends emerge and how businesses need to decide when to enter the wave and ride it. A wrong decision costs a lot of money.

The RAVAGE duo, Christine Boland and David Shah are the protagonists of the film. We see how they develop a forecast and work on their Trend Forecast, interacting with the World news and consulting their clients. At the end of the film we see an actual forecast that can be compared with emerging fashion and design items.

Trend Beacons is a tour de force into a hidden world that affects everybody on a daily basis, but almost no one knows about. Enter the rabbit hole of fashion and design, look at the smoke and mirrors and exit on the other side. A visually stunning, in-depth documentary that entertains and educates at the same time. You will never look at the fashion and design industry in the same way, after seeing this documentary. Fashion and design affect everybody, every day of their life. Most people are clueless about how these things work – how trends emerge to make their creators a lot of money.

About the film

  • Type
  • National Premiere Date
    March 12, 2015, Bíó Paradís
  • International Premiere Date
    November 9, 2014, CPH:DOX
  • Length
    74 min.
  • Language
  • Original Title
    Trend Beacons
  • International Title
    Trend Beacons
  • Production Year
  • Production Countries
    Iceland, Holland
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  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
  • Production Format
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Color
  • Sound
  • Screening format and subtitles
    DCP, English subtitles

Company Credits


  • 2016
    Edduverðlaunin / Edda Awards - Award: Nominated for Documentary of the year.
  • 2015
    Nikolai Biograf og Café, Kolding
  • 2015
    Planete+ Doc Film Festival Against Gravity, Varsjá
  • 2015
    Documentary Edge Festival
  • 2014