Graves & Bones

Gunnar and Sonja are a married couple that had it all, money,love and a beautiful daughter. But after the death of their daughter their world falls apart. To make things worse Gunnar is in the middle of a trial, being charged with illegal sales and purchase on behalf of his company. When Gunnar and Sonja foster Gunnar's niece Perla, the couple take on a weekend journey to pick up Perla, who is staying at a remote house in the Icelandic country side where she lost both of her parents in a horrible way. When Gunnar and Sonja arrive at the house strange things start to happen. Perla seems to have an influence on Sonja that makes Sonja want to move to the remote house. But Gunnar can't stand being there with sleepless nights, mysterious people visiting them and strange things happening while their stay at the house. All this is too much for Gunnar and the queston is can Gunnar stay at the house for a whole weekend or will he lose his mind? Is Gunnar the man Sonja thinks he is?

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About the film

  • Type
    Feature Film
  • National Premiere Date
    October 31, 2014, Smárabíó
  • Genre
    Drama, Thriller
  • Length
    89 min.
  • Language
  • Original Title
    Grafir & bein
  • International Title
    Graves & Bones
  • Production Year
  • Production Countries
  • IMDB
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
  • Production Format
  • Color
  • Screening format and subtitles
    DCP, English subtitles

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  • 2015
    Edduverðlaunin / Edda Awards
  • 2015
    Íslensk kvikmyndahátíð, Nuuk

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