Þórsmörk - The Hidden Walley of Thor

A breathtakingly beautiful valley between three glaciers, one of them Eyjafjallajökull. It may well have been the inspiration to Tolkien as he visited. Iceland before he started drawing the outlines of the famous Ring Trilogy. Thorsmork can only be reached with difficulty, hidden away between glaciers and trecherous rivers, but is still one of the most popular places in the country to visit. The film about Thorsmörk shows it’s beauty and lure. From bird’s eye view you will experience an overall impression of a magical landscape; where the deep green of lush plants meets the blackness of the wide sands lined with silvery bands of untamed rivers flowing through it. And right above rise magnificent glacier covered mountains. Thorsmörk’s flora, fauna and geography is explained by a narrator, guiding the viewer through the magical landscape of one of nature’s unforgetteble beauty spots.


About the film

  • Type
  • Length
    50 min.
  • Language
    Icelandic, English
  • Original Title
    Þórsmörk - Í skjóli jökla
  • International Title
    Þórsmörk - The Hidden Walley of Thor
  • Production Year
  • Production Countries
  • Premiere TV Channel
  • Icelandic Film Centre Grant
  • Color

Company Credits


  • 1998
    International Filmfestival of Mountains, Exploration and Adventure

Television distribution

  • Iceland
    RÚV, 1998
  • Iceland
    RÚV, 1999